Using the PeopleSoft Test Framework to Fully Execute on Selective Adoption at Hays

A case study, By Mark Thomas, UK IT Director, Hays Specialist Recruitment, at the UK Oracle User Group conference, UKOUG Applications Conference 2017

From a user's perspective, PeopleSoft today is a more modern, mobile, responsive application with a continuous innovation strategy that delivers a hugely enhanced user experience. Oracle is continuing its investment in the tool, with user experience features such as Fluid and Classic Plus, while providing tools such as Elasticsearch that provide users with a compelling solution to today’s business challenges. As a large organisation, with 4,000 internal and 50,000 external unique users, and an increasingly young, technically-engaged workforce, it's important that Hays uses more engaging, efficient applications to support the flexible way that people want to work.

After successfully upgrading to PeopleSoft 9.2, we now have a Selective Adoption maintenance strategy in place to ensure that our PeopleSoft estate is regularly updated to the latest image and PeopleTools release.
This strategy isn't without its challenges. It raises the question of how we manage the increased business testing burden of more agile based regular updates, rather than the 'Big Bang' testing approach that resulted in large lead times to deliver business value.

Enter PeopleSoft Test Framework; Hays will be sharing our adoption story and a live demo of PTF in two separate sessions at the UK Oracle User Group APPS17 conference, in the PeopleSoft stream, Tuesday 5th December.

The Business Challenge
Hays is a long-time PeopleSoft user, with a complex product set including Finance, HCM, CRM, ELM and the Interaction Hub. We have regularly updated the application to the current product version over the last nine years, as it has continued to develop and enhance. As a recruitment specialist, it’s a hugely-relevant business tool for our industry and, as the technology has become more sophisticated, we will be looking to take advantage of PeopleSoft in the Cloud to drive agility of new feature delivery.

Hays' has a 'cloud-first' approach to our applications and technology. We're moving some of our business applications into the cloud now, and are working with Oracle to move a number of our PeopleSoft demo, test and development environments into the cloud, which will help us drive greater levels of agility for our project delivery.

Hand-in-hand with this cloud adoption comes the challenge of managing the volume of hands-on manual IT and business testing associated with more-frequent PeopleSoft updates. Test cycles can take many weeks to complete all the complex transaction workflows. Adopting an agile sprint based methodology had the risk of increasing the volume of manual testing for our busy teams and it was a key initiative for Hays to deploy an automated testing solution to help ensure our change programme could be completed successfully, while avoiding the need to employ additional staff to support the testing programme.

PeopleSoft Test Framework
The changing model means that we're more agile with our change programme, using Sprint-based and continual change models, to deliver change much quicker and far earlier.

The PeopleSoft Test Framework was put in place to support agility in our testing process – and it delivers.

The first thing that you notice, is the time saved by automating many of our complex workflows.  For example, our team can now use an automated test script in a third of the time, thus ensuring key business staff can focus on delivering added value rather than competing cycles of repetitive manual tests.

As a result our system is well security patched, up to date, with the latest image and Tools releases and, as a result, we can take advantage of the PeopleSoft latest development strategies.

At Apps17, I'll present the PeopleSoft Test Framework in the context of Hays' overarching Selective Adoption strategy, objectives, resourcing requirements, development approach, implementation strategy and how we have evolved a collaborative relationship between IT and the business users.

We'll use a live demo to show you how Hays has set up a test script using the framework, how we run it and how to ensure the automated test output is what was expected.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Mark Thomas is UK IT Director at Hays Specialist Recruitment. Don’t miss his APPS17 presentation, alongside Hays' co-presenter, Sean Earlam, in the PeopleSoft stream on 5th December: Why PeopleSoft Test Framework is Part of the Hays Selective Adoption Strategy

Hays were awarded a PeopleSoft Innovator Award by Oracle at Oracle Open World last month for their achievements with PeopleSoft Test Framework.

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