Apps17 keynote: Running Your E-Business Suite on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - Why, What and How?

We interviewed Nadia Bendjedou, Vice President of Product Strategy for Oracle E-Business Suite at Oracle Corporation ahead of her keynote presentation at the UKOUG Applications Conference 2017.

Are you fed up of maintaining your datacentre? Many people are. It’s a challenging undertaking, dealing with hardware that needs upgrading every 3-5 years, constantly under pressure to update and renovate.

Couple this with the fact that your core management competencies are - rightly - in your individual business area and you’ve got good reasons for wanting to wash their hands of the whole thing. That’s why it’s an attractive proposition to hand over the E-Business Suite to Oracle Cloud - you don’t have to be in business of maintaining and updating hardware every few years. To take a closer look at the situation, we spoke to Nadia Bendjedou ahead of her keynote presentation at Apps17:

What issues will you be addressing in your keynote?

“At Apps17, I’ll be talking about how E-Business Suite (EBS) customers can take advantage of cloud economics while still running their business on EBS. I’ll also explain why you may want to move your EBS system to the cloud and what the most common use cases are for EBS customers today.

I’ll also discuss why EBS is better on Oracle Cloud vs 3rd party clouds that have been around for a while. The whole value proposition of Oracle on Oracle is a massive advantage for our EBS customers. In addition, I’ll talk about the automation that we provide to EBS customers to lift and shift their EBS env. to Oracle Cloud but also to run EBS for less.”

What does the future hold?

“I believe most organisations will be handing over the management of their datacentres before too long. Oracle executives are predicting that 100% of development and testing loads will be moving to the cloud within the next 10 years. In addition, most enterprises will be putting workload into the cloud, either to a hosting partner or an infrastructure provider.

While Dev and test env. are obvious choices to move to the cloud, there are many other use cases that are also valid and many customers are considering today. For example, disaster recovery, backup, and reporting might be placed into the cloud. For many customers replatforming their EBS Production system to the cloud isn’t an issue but usually they would do that after building their confidence.”

How is Oracle helping organisations who operate in strict regulatory environments?

“Regulatory environments can be particularly problematic for enterprises considering cloud adoption. Lots of data must stay within prescribed boundaries but no cloud provider in world can provide a datacentre in every city and country.

Oracle is unique in being able to provide two options:

The first is to run in public cloud using a combination of IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) - but if you have requirements for data to remain in a specific country or have some networking challenges or any other reason that prevent you from leveraging the public cloud, then you need our second option.

The second option is to let us bring the cloud to you, via the Oracle Cloud at Customer (also known as Oracle Cloud Machine). All the advantages are brought to you, into your datacentre, giving you the benefits of cloud economics and agility, with all the hardware and systems maintained by Oracle.”

What makes the Apps17 conference special?

“What I love about Apps17 is that it’s a chance to talk to Oracle professionals directly. It’s not marketing. It’s not sales. It’s the latest from the people who are designing the product and the people who are delivering it.

As well as the traditional roadmap sessions and opportunities to speak to us one to one we have exciting sessions around cloud solutions for getting the best out of you E-Business Suite investment.”

Nadia Bendjedou is a vice president of Product Strategy for Oracle E-Business Suite at Oracle Corporation. Her main objective is to help customers understand the value of each release of the E-Business Suite.

Don’t miss her keynote on 5th December: Running Your E-Business Suite on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - Why, What and How?

Nadia will also be presenting Oracle E-Business Suite User Experience & Mobile: Update, Strategy & Roadmap on 4th December.

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