Understand how AI, ML and IoT drive customer experience transformation at The UKOUG Applications Conference 2017

by Alex Love, Managing Director at Enigen UK Ltd, a Digital Oracle CX Consulting Partner
Customer Experience (Digital CX) Committee Member

I’m excited about this year’s Customer Experience stream at UKOUG Apps17: CX being such a rich area of innovation and growth at present - for B2B as well as B2C businesses.

We’re going to address the big challenge users face in this area, which is how to generate good, connected data that can drive better CX. To be truly effective, your data needs to go beyond the sales and marketing departments and cross departmental boundaries. Ultimately, what we need is a universal view of the customer; where you’re using Oracle across different departments - not just one or two, and we will explore this at the conference.

This links to another major challenge that businesses are grappling with: digitisation in general. The issue here is that customers have different expectations now compared with a few years ago, and want to control the channels they use to interact with the business. Some of the Apps17 presentations will look at how this area is changing, and especially how you can manage different age groups, including Millennials, and address changing CX demands.

Emerging technologies come to the rescue

Notable technologies that are emerging to help with these challenges include AI and machine learning (ML). At Apps17 you can find out how they could help break down your internal silos and drive better CX, for example through personalisation and buying-pattern recognition, for online stores.

Oracle users also stand to gain from Internet of Things technologies, which can provide more helpful data - to help drive a better UX. An example of this is in-car IoT technology, which can monitor driving patterns and reduce insurance premiums. Moving forward, AI, ML and IoT will become essential technologies, as they are more about user-base configuration than database configuration.

Redefining CX in IT Distribution and B2B

Finally, make sure you make time for the presentation I’m involved with: Redefining Customer Experience in IT Distribution and the B2B sector (4 December at 12:20pm), which will dive into B2B digitisation and the shift in CX. We will focus particularly on the shift in the ‘channel’.

Traditionally, B2B buys and sells through third-parties, such as resellers or distributors, who deal with the business or consumer. However, a new mindset, coupled with emerging CX technologies, is enabling B2B businesses to develop and harness a consumer-buying mentality.

The vision is for businesses to purchase and configure through optimised B2B portals; to self-serve more effectively, and automate renewals and other activities. Soon, businesses will buy IT security, servers and complex products and services online, the way we might buy a shirt. The system will learn their personalised preferences over time, and give the B2B customer an excellent CX.

It’s certainly food for thought.

We look forward to meeting you at the UK’s largest independent gathering of Oracle Applications users.

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