Apps17 keynote: The Next Generation of Analytics Applications


By Oscar Colino Garcia, EMEA Business Development Director, Cloud Analytics, Oracle  


In my keynote at Apps17, I’ll be talking about advances in analytics and big data, and what that means for your business. Across the globe, organisations understand that there’s a huge transformation of business models happening. It’s in your interest to adapt to this new world, where the sheer quantity of the data available needs to be collected and the value extracted. 


Whether it’s flowing in via the internet, social media or other online sources, businesses need to be able to cope with this data. To take advantage of it you need to put new systems in place that can handle the variety, velocity and volume of the incoming data.


It’s essential to choose a data management solution that can handle both traditional and new digital data streams, alongside an analytics solution that’s able to extract insights from all these different sources. Of course, it must be able to cope with big data sources as well.



Look to the cloud


The answer to this lies in cloud technology. Across the world, enterprises are looking at transition to the cloud as a key priority for three broad reasons:


1. Direct benefits through cost reductions and efficiencies


2. The ability to drive innovation in the business


3.  Increased flexibility and agility, thanks to different types of applications that are more agile than on-premise solutions, which typically have problems with applications upgrades being time-consuming projects.


Looking at data management and analytics in particular, what we’re doing at Oracle is offering a new set of services in the cloud that provide a platform for digital innovation. This has all the capabilities any company needs for big data and analytics, for both the business and IT sides of things.


Oracle Analytics Cloud is our new platform. In conjunction with data platforms, it uses advanced analytics to deliver three main types of capability: self-service analytics, business modelling (including scenario modelling and ‘what if’ analysis), and predictive analytics.



Reliable innovation


We have many customers who have been using our analytics solutions on premises. With the move to cloud happening all over the world, at different speeds and different levels, organisations desperately need to understand what the right strategy and solutions are for them to get the best from this new world of data.


The reason people choose Oracle is that our solutions are reliable, scalable and secure. We provide not only the technology but also Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). When you select Oracle, it means you can get everything you need on one optimised platform.


But that’s not all. The importance of being able to predict what’s around the corner can’t be understated for businesses. The key to driving forward our ability to do this is through our emphasis on innovation. We need to embrace the new world of data and leverage advanced analytics using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to constantly improve our ability to see and influence the future.



Oscar Colino is Business Development Director at Oracle’s ‘All Data’ Analytics business in Europe, Middle East and Africa. His focus is on helping drive competitive advantage for customers.


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